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Federal Park Lands being destroyed by illegals and drug runners. US citizens at high risk Click Here
The General Accounting Office's report reveals that about $1.1 billion in Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Food Stamp benefits were provided to households with an illegal alien parent for the use of her (or his) "citizen child. More

Bush ignores the scourge- Fears Liberals?
We Lose - They Win - They Vote for who?

Border Patrol says"1 in every 10 that we catch is from the Middle East"
Arab terrorists were here!
Arab Illegals crossing Mexican Border 
Exclusive Photos
News Here

mexican illegals border patrol illegal immigrationillegals on mexican border

Border Patrol Agent speaks out, under threat of dismissal
Exlcusive Interview

INS lets sniper suspect John Lee Malvo, an illegal alien from Jamaica to wander free in America for 10 months
. Illegal Immigrant Sniper Suspect

Mexican Diplomat smuggles Arabs and Terrorists across the Mexican border Illegals Al Queda open invitation borders

Mexican town to clog the U.S. courts with illegal immigrants
News Here

Ethnic lobbies that ease and encourage illegal immigration often style themselves as "civil rights" groups.
Here's the Real Truth

U.S. Border patrol Agent fired on by Mexican Military inside U.S
. Untold News Here

10 million Illegal Aliens in the U.S. How many are terrorists?
You won't find this story on CNN

Over 80% of Americans want very little or no more immigration. Is anyone listening to us? $Billions in US Taxpayer Aid to Illegal Aliens Immigrants, Illegals & some future terrorists

Colin Powell said, "the enemy is right herein the U.S." News

Immigration Control - Borders, Culture and Language

"This country has lost control of its borders - quote from President Ronald Reagan. So what did he do about it?

STOP THE FLOOD of Criminal Foreigners into America. Deport Foreign Nationals who have bypassed Criminal background checks.Put our military and/or National Guard Units on our borders. Throw out all "Hate Crime" laws. Require a Loyalty Oath of all immigrants naturalized by the Clinton Regime. Read More from Talk Show Titan Michael Savage

immigration chart US population growth
Notify your President, Senator and Representatives that we demand action!

Over 80% of Americans want very little or no more immigration. Billions of Dollars in US Taxpayer Aid given to Illegal Aliens. Democrats wanted the (hispanic) and other minority support by any means. They lost control of the Senate. The voters have spoken. It is past time to address this issue forcefully and stop the attack . Our Borders, Language and Culture have been attacked for too long.

A Message to Immigrants: Our Country was built on LEGAL Immigrants. They learned to Speak our language first, respect our culture and integrated into it. If you snuck over our Borders Illegally ...get the hell out now!

At least 43 people have joined the Citizens Border Patrol militia since the front page call to arms appeared in the Tombstone Tumbleweed under a headline that read "Enough is Enough!" - and support continues to grow, said Chris Simcox, a former California teacher who is now owner, publisher and editor of the Tombstone weekly. Web Site

Simcox isn't shy about using the words "vigilante" and "militia" to describe his plans. He sees both as a patriotic obligation in a time of war and a necessity in light of the federal government's failure to stop the flood of immigrants funneling through Cochise County. His plan is to put armed, able-bodied militia members on private property near the border to create a presence and a deterrent to illegal border crossers.

"This has nothing to do with the Mexican people per se. . . . It's about stopping uncontrolled immigration," he said. "We want local people, we don't want the Rambos, the mercenaries and soldiers of fortune that some of these groups seem to be made up of."

Cochise County Supervisor Paul Newman, who represents the Tombstone area on the county Board of Supervisors said the county has no authority or desire to interfere with the publisher's First Amendment right to publish what he chooses.

The Liberal Rags and Media Lackies will no doubt have a lot to say in defense of illegals.

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